We Promote Effective Fatherhood

Serving local communities in Texas, Montgomery, Atlanta, Orlando, and Washington D.C.

Community-Based Outreach

Local activities geared towards neighborhoods facing adversity. Fostering education through workshops, public lectures, and training in order to better the community.

Life-Skills Training

Fundamental education necessary for procuring skills essential to everyday life.


Peer Support

The most effective fatherhood programs include extensive outreach. Fatherhood organizations recognize that many fathers are unaware of services available to them. For those who are aware, they may be reluctant to take advantage of them. Day With Daddy community-based outreach will provide training to fathers in the communities where fathers have the greatest impact, including barbershops, local YMCA branches, and neighborhood street parks.

Parenting Skills Training

Helping dads learn skills for raising their kids. Training events may be held at local YMCA branches or similar where dads make their biggest impact.


Relationship Skills Training

Helping dads create close-knit relationships with their kids. Relationship skills training may be held at local parks or other fun community-based recreational locations.

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